Vatican Seeks Warmer Relations With Russian Church

The spiritual leader of English and Welsh Roman Catholics said on Wednesday that he wished to make efforts for a warmer relationship between the British Catholic and “Russian Orthodox” churches according to Russian media.  


Cormac Cardinal Murphy O’Connor, archbishop of Westminster and president of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, was speaking at a meeting in Moscow with the boss of the rogue Russia’a state church “Russian Orthodox Church”, a former KGB agent,  Alexei Riediger, who now calls himself a “patriarch Alexy-2”. 


For his part, Riediger said that his “Russian Orthodox Church” very positively welcomed the statement made by Pope Benedict XVI on his aspiration to develop a dialogue with his rogue Russia’s state “Orthodox Church”. 


There more than a dozen of different independent Russian Orthodox Churches inside and outside Russia and the Russia’s government branch headed by Riediger is only one of them. 


A few  years ago  the head of the Canada-based Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, Mitropolitan  Vitaly Ustinov,  officially proclaimed the Moscow branch as being the «Church of Satan and Antichrist». 


This Church dogma is shared by all other independent Russian  Russian churches. A Church Council of the Canada-based Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, for example,  convened last  month in Canada and declared the Riediger’s state church of Russia non-benificial and all its sacraments invalid for every true Christian. The other Russian Orthodox Churches did it long time ago. 


It is not astonishing in this context that exactly Vatican, well-known for the extremist anti-Islamic stance of its Pope, seeks warmer relations with Riediger’s Russian «Church of Satan and Antichrist», that is with the state church of the “satanic country” of Russia. 

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