Germany Keen to Boost Economic Ties with Iran

A0152808.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- German Ambassador to Tehran voiced his country’s enthusiasm for developing economic relations with Iran.

According to a statement released by the Information and Media Department of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, German Ambassador to Tehran Herbert Honzowitts met with the chairman of the Parliament’s Education and Research Commission Abbas-Pour here on Sunday and discussed mutual cooperation and expansion of bilateral relations in the scientific and educational areas.

During the meeting, the MP noted the exalted position of higher education in the Islamic Republic of Iran and briefed the German diplomat about the dynamic and progressive system of education at the Iranian universities and the relations between some of the most significant scientific and academic centers of Iran with the well-known universities of the other countries, including Germany.

He also voiced eagerness of the Iranian academic and higher education circles for having close cooperation with German universities.

Representative of Tehran at the Islamic Consultative Assembly also pointed to the remarkable growth of higher education in Iran in recent years, and further reiterated the need for the increasing development of scientific centers and enhanced efforts in grounds of research as well as closer relations of the iranian academic centers with the authoritative universities of the advanced countries.

He referred to the positive view of the Iranian university professors about having cooperation with the scientific circles of Germany, and called on the other side to provide the needed facilities for the exchange of visits by the researchers and deans of Iranian universities and their presence at the scientific and academic circles of Germany irrespective of the political ups and downs.

The MP also pointed to the efforts that the officials in charge of Iran’s higher education make to develop PhD courses, and saying that the successful arrangement of these courses requires some laboratory tools and equipments, he called for the closer cooperation of the two sides in this regard.

For his part, German Ambassador to Tehran Herbert Honzowitts referred to the age-old Iran-Germany cooperation in the different scientific, educational and economic areas, and describing the two sides’ cooperation in the said grounds as important, he voiced Germany’s enthusiasm for continued development of ties with Iran in the scientific, educational and economic spheres.

The diplomat pointed to the considerable volume of the two countries’ economic exchanges and said that the two sides’ cooperation in the aforementioned areas produces positive economic aftermaths.

He also stressed the need for the removal of the barriers and impediments on the way of the development of the two states’ ties, and called for the provision of the needed facilities for the expansion of the said cooperation.

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