Iran to Negotiate with 3 US Companies

A0006370.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An informed source said that in case sanctions are called off, Tehran will start negotiations with three airplane engine and spare parts manufacturing companies of the United States in the near future.

Speaking to FNA’s economic desk here on Sunday, the source noted that despite the US sanctions on Iran which started shortly following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian experts have gained good experience and much success in repair and maintenance of airplane engines and spare parts.

Reminding that all planes are in need of periodic repairs and overhauls, he said that there are now 15 out-of-work airbus engines in the country, and that if the said engines are repaired, a number of at least 6 planes could resume their flights in the Iranian air navigation fleet.

He also pointed to General Electric as one of the factories Iran needs to sign a cooperation agreement with, “because General Electric is the manufacturer of airbus and similar plane engines.”

According to the source, Iran also needs to endorse cooperation agreements with PRAT & WITNY as it is the manufacturer of Boeing engine models 727, 737, 747.

He also named Boeing as the third company with which Iran must start negotiations for launching cooperation as soon as US sanctions on Iran are called off.

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