Danish Ambassador Summoned to FM

A0020880.jpgA statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau said that Souren Haselvand Yenson was called to the Iranian Foreign Ministry to be informed of Iran’s disappointment with the repeated insults directed at the holy prophet of Islam (PBUH) and sacrilege of the religious sanctities of one and a half billion world Muslims in Denmark, specially at a time which coincides with the anniversary of the publication of insulting cartoons in the Danish press.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also condemned the shameless broadcast of insulting videos by the Danish national TV.

The director of the Foreign Ministry’s Regional Department also stressed the significance of coexistence among the followers of the different divine faiths and religions, and reiterated the need for their mutual respect for each other’s beliefs.

“The world of Islam expects the Danish government to seriously prevent repetition of such insults which hurt the feelings of the world Muslims,” the Foreign Ministry official added.

For his part, the Danish Ambassador to Tehran said that he was ashamed of the measure taken by the Danish TV and expressed his regret concerning the matter.

He also presented a translated copy of an official statement released by his Prime Minister which condemned the unacceptable behavior of a small group of the youth from Denmark’s People’s Party and criticized the measure harshly.

The statement also said that all the political organizations and bodies of Denmark, including those representing the two ruling parties, strongly condemn the measure and stress their fully different views from the said group.

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