President calls for concord between supervisory and executive organs

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday called for concord between the supervisory and executive organs and said that the task of monitoring performance of the executive organs should not be driven to friction between the two sectors.

President Ahmadinejad made the remark while addressing managers, inspectors and experts of the State Inspectorate Organization (SIO) on the occasion of anniversary of its establishment.

“Work without supervision will be never acceptable,” he said.

He added that the government, which is pioneer in the campaign against corruption, regards the supervisory organs a means to do so and a value.

He urged all to reinforce unity and build Iran as a model, saying, “All of us are duty-bound to build the country through our correct performance.”
The president called on managers and experts of the State Inspectorate Organization to help the government reform the state of affairs.

Pointing to different regulations in the fields of supervision and performance of the executive organs, he said, “We should be cautious these regulations inflict no damage on the current state of affairs because slow pace of works will result in heavy cost.

“Sometimes, certain regulations which run counter to national interests can be ignored and in some cases we should have
flexibility,” he said in reference to strict monitoring by the supervisory body which may hinder ordinary process of carrying out development projects.

Ahmadinejad stressed the importance of publicity works, saying, “Dissemination of information should be done completely and accurately, because false information will damage trust in the government organizations.”
Prior to President’s remarks, Head of the State Inspectorate Organization Mohammad Niazi presented a report on activities of the organization.

He said a reformist, preventive and realistic approach, cooperation with executive managers and a serious campaign against corruption were among main performance of the SIO.

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