Ahmadinejad: One More Step to Complete Nuclear Technology

A02293609.jpgAddressing a fervent congregation of the public in the town of Shahryar near Tehran on Wednesday, the President reiterated that bullying powers are seeking to block the progress of nations through propaganda in a bid to loot their resources, and added, “You can readily observe that although they do not have any clues or proofs, they are insistent to boldly prevent Iranian nation from gaining full access to peaceful nuclear energy.”

Reminding the historical background of the nuclear case, he said when Iran suspended its nuclear activities and closed down its facilities, Iranians imagined that they would finally be allowed to freely conduct nuclear activities in their country, “but the West refrained from fulfilling its pledges.”

“Yet, that stage came to its end following Iran’s presidential campaign last year because we found out that they intended to close down Iran’s activities in all different fields of technology under the pretext of the nuclear issue,” Ahmadinejad continued.

He further described resumption of the country’s nuclear activities as a second important stage in the nuclear case, adding, “At this stage, we decided to insist on our rights through insightful and in-depth plans and policies and we took several steps ahead at this phase.”

The chief executive official termed resumption of activities at Isfahan UCF plant and Natanz Enrichment facility as two crucially important constituents of the second stage, reminding, “When we started low (3 to 5 percent) enrichment at Natanz facility, big powers started threatening us, but the Iranian nation stood up and finally joined the very limited number of the countries which own full nuclear fuel production cycle.

He also noted Iran’s full preparedness to attend talks with the west, and stated, “It is now five months that we were engaged in negotiations, but they still insist on the suspension of uranium enrichment activities as a prerequisite to talks.”

Ahmadinejad further asked the western states if possession of the nuclear fuel production cycle is considered as a threat, then how is it that only Iran should suspend its nuclear fuel production cycle, and questioned, “Are your nuclear fuel production cycles not dangerous?”

The President described Iran as the only country whose nuclear activities are in full compliance with the international rules and regulations, and went on to say, “Iran declared its readiness to attend talks in response to the proposal they had offered to Tehran, but they make varying decisions on a daily basis.”

“After 27 years that you moved heaven and earth to blockade Iran’s progress, hasn’t the time arrived for starting cordial relations with Iran,” he asked the western countries.

Ahmadinejad criticized the heads of states and other officials of the bullying powers for the increasing world problems and described them as isolated leaders who do not represent even their own populations.

He said even if the British Premier and the US President ever dare to go among the public, they won’t be received by the people at all.

The chairman of the Supreme National Security Council said that a majority of the world nations and governments, including the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), the D-8 and Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) member states, are earnest supporters of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its nuclear rights.

“Enemies are completely paralyzed and can in no way confront the Iranian nation, and if our people safeguard their unity and solidarity, they should await a giant victory as there is just one more step ahead before reaching the tops of the nuclear technology,” President Ahmadinejad underlined.

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