Protestors End Congregation

A part of the statement read, “We, university and religious school students have congregated in front of the Zionist embassy of Denmark in Tehran to express our vehement protest at the recent insults directed at the holy prophet of Islam (PBUH), and we, hereby, announce that this congregation has not been supported or called by any political organization or body.”

The students continued, “This is a protest against the repeated insults to our prophet and sacrilege of the Islamic values and sanctities by the West.”

“We demand the Islamic Republic government to give a crushing response to the Danish government, close down the embassy of that country in Iran and impose sanctions on Denmark,” protestors concluded.

Denmark’s state TV aired footage on Friday of a number of members of the youth wing of the anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party (DPP) drawing cartoons in August mocking the Prophet. Iran condemned the broadcast.

Denmark’s ambassador to Tehran was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Monday to complain about the video clips, which follow cartoons published in the Danish press last year that sparked outrage in the Islamic world.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has condemned those who made such insults as “low life”.

In September last year Danish daily Jyllands-Posten printed cartoons, including one showing the Prophet with a bomb in his turban.

Those cartoons sparked protests across the Middle East, including Iran.

Some 232 lawmakers from Iran’s 290-seat parliament urged Ahmadinejad on Tuesday to cut Iran’s trade ties with Denmark over the latest footage.

“The past attempts of the Danish government regarding this insult (to the Prophet) have been repeated, this time, by the visual media,” the MPs stated.

“Since this is not tolerable, we call for cutting the economic ties with Denmark and if continued, cutting the political ties,” the lawmakers continued.

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