Iran Ready to Enhance Cooperation with New ECO Secretary-General

A02331125.jpgAccording to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau, Mottaki made the remarks in a meeting with ECO’s new Secretary-General here on Saturday.

During the meeting, the minister further stressed Iran’s resolve for the strengthening of all-out regional cooperation.

He described regional cooperation, including cooperation among regional economic organizations, as a successful experience of international cooperation, and reminded that ECO enjoys unique potentials for conversion into a powerful and integrated regional organization.

“Some primary steps have been taken in this regard,” the top diplomat mentioned, adding that the agreements concluded by the member states should be implemented through dynamic cooperation and serious follow up on the affairs.

He also called on ECO to move the process at a faster pace in a bid to gift economic prosperity to the region.

Noting ECO’s outlook for the next decade, which was approved in the last summit of the Organization in 2005, the Iranian Foreign Minister viewed prioritization of projects and reinvigoration of a relevant data base which contains all the information and data of the member states as two most wanted requirements, the materialization of which has been stressed by the heads of the member states.

He also termed consolidation of relations between ECO and other economic organizations of the region significant and said that such links and relations add to the experiences of the parties and help to the identification of ECO’s potentials.

Mottaki also pointed out that further recognition of the Economic Cooperation Organization and the potentials of its member states at the world level is among the most desirable goals in ECO’s outlook, and further expressed the hope that ECO’s goal-oriented presence at the regional and global levels would be reinvigorated under the new Secretary-General of this organization.

He also voiced Iran’s stronger support and readiness to promote cooperation with the new Secretary-General of the Economic Cooperation Organization and to reinvigorate ECO’s secretariat in Tehran.

For his part, ECO’s new Secretary-General Khorshid Anvar briefed Mottaki about his future plans and programs, and pointing to Iran’s role as a founder of the Economic Cooperation Organization, he termed Iran’s support and participation in the current plans and future projects of the Organization as crucial.

He also named several projects in grounds of trade, transportation and energy as among the most crucial fields of activity for ECO, and reminded that the follow up on the implementation of the previous agreements sets a priority in his agenda.

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