Iran not Bound by a Limited Geography

A023311211.jpgSpeaking to FNA here on Sunday, Mostafa Mosleh-zadeh said Iran is seeking to remove the existing injustice and lack of balance within the international system.

He further called on the 57 Islamic states as well as the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) to initiate a strategic change through informing the world public opinion about the United States’ crimes, including America’s use of the nuclear bombs and weapons.

The diplomat assessed government’s foreign policy during the last year as successful, and reminded that Iran has gained a lot of success and victories without having withdrawn even one step from its positions.

“For instance, Iran is now enjoying a superior situation in Iraq despite all the negative moves and propaganda launched by the United States. Today, many of the European, American and regional analysts and heads of states admit that the Islamic Republic of Iran is having a powerful position in Iraq,” he continued.

He also stated that Iran has turned into one of the main actors in Latin America, which is considered as the United States’ backyard.

Pointing to President Ahmadinejad’s participation at the last African Union Summit and its positive effects and results, the Foreign Ministry expert reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran is not a country which the US can restrict to specific and limited geographical boundaries.

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