Iran Continues Nuclear Path

A022936010.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stressed here on Sunday that enemies’ extensive and various propaganda against Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities may not leave any impact on the Iranian nation’s resolve to continue its present nuclear path.

The President reminded that Iran’s nuclear activities have complied with all the international rules and regulations, and further reiterated that his nation would never fear from the enemies’ intimidations.

Pointing to the various plots hatched by the enemies in a bid to exert pressure on the Iranian nation to deprive them of their inalienable rights, he stated that Iran has always declared its preparedness to attend talks, but it is, meantime, insistent on defending its principled stances.

He reminded that his country responded to the West’s package of incentives on the basis of the same view, and continued, “But some bullying states designed and exercised the invasion of Lebanon and issued a resolution at the United Nations Security Council simultaneously in a bid to impose their oppressive aspirations and achieve their goals.”

“Yet, God Almighty made them all fail,” Ahmadinejad asserted.

He viewed as illegal the insistence some western states show on the suspension of Iran’s enrichment activities, and added, “In case they succeed in imposing their illegal and illogical demands and we suspend our nuclear activities, they will certainly start laying more pressures on us in order to make us give a positive response to their other demands and expansionist ambitions, while they will also strive through their extensive propaganda to convince the world that Iran has finally given up and that they have been the righteous party during all these years (of the nuclear standoff).”

The chief executive official said the resistance the Iranian nation has shown against the bullying of some powers has smashed the artificial and forged awe of the said countries.

Stating that the UN Security Council resolution against Iran lacked legality, he said some western states have turned the UNSC into an instrument for practicing their hegemony, “they issue a resolution against all those countries which are against them.”

“They use the Security Council to intimidate those countries which oppose the oppressive stances of such powers,” Ahmadinejad pointed out.

The President stressed that his nation will continue its present path mightily and without any fears until it reaches the tops of glory and progress.

He said Iran is now turning into a symbol and a paradigm for the world people, “because all the world nations are seeking justice.”

The chief executive official called on all the Iranian political groups and parties to show more solidarity in a bid to build the country in all sectors and make Iran an advanced country, “so that it turns into a perfect role model for the entire world nations.

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