Iran’s Fish Exports to Qatar Continued

A0144798.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Despite all the allegations about the contamination of Iranian fish cargoes, Qatari businessmen still continue imports from Iran with no worries.

Qatari businessmen assert that the agriculture ministry has not yet issued any instructions or notifications in this regard.

Meanwhile, Kuwaiti officials on Sunday alleged that fish cargoes imported from Iran are contaminated and warned citizens against their consumptions.

This is the second time a Persian Gulf littoral state claims that Iranian fish exports are not healthy. Regional health officials last month claimed that Iranian fish are contaminated with cholera, following which Qatar banned fish imports from Iran.

Yet, a week later Qatar resumed its fish imports from Iran after it was proved that the said allegations were all baseless.

Director of the Qatari Agricultural Ministry’s Fishing Department dismissed current reports about contamination of Iranian fish cargoes, reminding that similar unfounded news was promulgated last month, which was later known to have been baseless and false

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