US Forced Back by Public Participation in Qods Day Rallies

A0138627.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Extensive participation of regional nations in the Qods Day rallies will push the United States back and cause her give up its decisions about the region, editor-in-chief of Mehr News Agency said.

Hasan Lasjerdi believes that Palestine is the most important issue of both the Muslim world and the Middle East, reminding, “All the US policies in the Middle-East are Israel oriented and designed to serve the interests of the Zionist regime. All important events in the region are, therefore, connected with Palestine.”

He further stated that the Palestinian issue and the Qods Day rallies are more important this year due to the United States’ efforts to topple down the Hamas government, which Washington has so far tried to accomplish through the domestic rivals of Hamas, something the US has not yet succeeded in.”

The journalist pointed out that Americans have strived to defeat the Islamic resistance in the region in order to reinvigorate their hegemony over the region, adding, “The growing wave of Islamic vigilance and the increasing public resistance against the United States and Israel in the region are among the other factors which have yet augmented the importance of the Qods Day rallies this year.”

He said that the US state of confusion in Iraq, the victory of the Lebanese Hezbollah against the Zionist regime and Iran’s resistance and stable stances in the nuclear issue have also created a situation where the US is eager and meantime, worried to observe the level of Muslims’ support for the Palestinians and their cause.

Lasjerdi stressed the point that extensive participation of the public in the regional rallies on the Qods Day will revive the spirit of self-reliance in the region and will lead to what the late Imam Khomeini interpreted as the awakening of the nations.

He further called on the Palestinian freedom fighters to vigorously go on with their resistance movement through such goal-oriented methods as martyrdom-seeking operations and propaganda campaign.

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