Public Presence Defuses Enemies’ Plots

A0172836.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian parliament member stressed that extensive participation by the public in the Qods Day rallies worldwide will defuse the enemies’ plots.

Member of the parliament’s minority fraction Qodratollah Alikhani, in an exclusive interview with FNA here on Wednesday, reiterated the crucial importance of the World Qods Day rallies, and expressed the hope that the vigilant Muslims of the world, particularly Iranians, would stage tightly populated rallies on the coming Friday, “specially considering the present conditions dominating both the world and the Palestinian occupied territories.”

He stressed that the wide and energetic participation of the world Muslims in the Qods Day rallies would play a decisive role in defeating the enemies and defusing their conspiracies, and reminded that staging such rallies means that a nation is alive and omnipresent.

The legislative official hoped that the upcoming rallies on Friday will produce many positive results for the Lebanese and Palestinian freedom fighters.

Representative of Bouin Zahra and Avaj at the Islamic Consultative Assembly called on the Palestinian groups and the Lebanese Hezbollah to act in conformity with what they themselves distinguish to be right

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