VP Blasts West for Neglecting Palestinian Issue

B0200903.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Vice President for Parliamentary and Legal Affairs criticized the West for turning Palestine into a large human rights laboratory.

Speaking to FNA on the sidelines of the Qods Day rallies here on Friday, Seyed Ahmad Mousavi said, “Those who claim to be proponents of human rights and democracy have turned Palestine into a large laboratory for their slogans of human rights.”

Meantime, he stressed that the world public opinion is carefully watching the developments, “They are well informed of the fact that the West’s boastful utterances about human rights and democracy are not accompanied by action.”

The official said the World Qods Day is the day of honor and glory for the world of Islam, and the day of humiliation for the world arrogance and Zionist regime.

He noted the statements of the late Imam Khomeini about the Zionist regime and expressed the hope that the Muslim world would soon witness liberation of the holy Qods.

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