$2.2 b Petrol Import Bill Approved

A0202468.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian MP said that the parliament’s Budget and Planning Commission has approved USD 2.2 billion of the government’s proposed USD 3.5 billion for the imports of petrol in the current (Iranian) year.

Speaking to FNA’s economic desk here on Sunday, Adel Azar said that the government’s bill will be introduced to the parliament in coming days.

“Considering the $2.5 billion the parliament approved in this year’s budget bill to subsidize the amount of the country’s current year petrol requirements, in case the bill is approved by the parliament, then the total sum of petrol subsidies will reach $4.7 billion,” he continued.

Meantime, the member of the parliament’s Budget and Planning Commission said there still exists some possibility for the original bill of the government, which requires payment of USD 3.5 billion in petrol subsidy, to be introduced to the parliament and receive the positive vote of the MPs.

He said, “Under such cases, the total sum of the subsidies paid by the government over petrol will come to USD 6 billion.”

Meantime, the lawmaker voiced his strong opposition to petrol rationing plans, warning that the country is not prepared to undergo such plans, while the psychological condition dominating the society is not prepared to accept rationing under normal conditions.

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