Georgia Keen to Purchase Iran’s Gas, Electricity

A0235542.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Georgian Foreign Minister Gela Bezhuashvili voiced his country’s preparedness to cooperate with Iran in the energy sector, and further stated Tbilisi’s enthusiasm for purchasing Iran’s gas, electricity and energy.

Speaking in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki here on Sunday, Bezhuashvili noted the two countries’ historical ties and voiced Tbilisi’s readiness for boosting cooperation with Iran in all the various economic, political and cultural areas.

He also noted the two countries’ developing ties in transportation and said that his country is interested in maintaining its fruitful cooperation with Iran.

The diplomat voiced Georgia’s preparedness to cooperate with Iran in the energy sector, and stated that his country is keen to purchase energy, electricity and gas from Iran.

He also pointed to the two countries’ joint economic cooperation to be led by the Georgian Prime Minister as among the other goals pursued by his visit to Tehran.

Asked about Iran’s nuclear program, the Georgian minister said all the world states are entitled to gain access to the peaceful nuclear technology, and further reassured that Iran’s nuclear activities have undergone all the required inspections by the related authorities and agencies.

He also said he was sure that all Iran’s activities fall within the boundaries of the international treaties.

Referring to the possible sanctions against the Islamic Republic and the likely stance of his country in this regard, he said that Georgia has already experienced the bitter taste of sanctions as it is presently under Russia’s boycott.

The Georgian Foreign Minister stressed that sanctions are not followed by desirable consequences for the nations, underlining that political goals must be settled down through diplomatic means and bilateral talks.

Asked what kind of role his country desires Iran to play in relation to Georgia-Russia standoff, specially considering Tehran’s excellent ties with Moscow, he said that Georgia is a small state but it never tries to transfer its problems to other countries or ask others to tolerate the weight of its problems.

Noting Tbilisi’s historical relations with Moscow, the minister called for good neighborly relations with Russia.

He further pointed to the measures Russia has drawn up against the Georgians residing in the northern parts of that country, including the expulsion of Georgian children and their parents from Russia, and said that the two countries’ neighborly ties do not deserve such measures.

“Our nation may never accept to engage in a crisis with Russia. There is only a problem with the recognition of our borders, otherwise there is no trouble between the two nations,” Buzhuashvili added.

He also called on Moscow to recognize the international borders of the two countries as well as the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia.

The minister further praised Iran’s stances in the face of his country and appreciated the Islamic Republic for recognizing the independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia since the first day of the establishment of that country.

The Georgian Foreign Minister, who is in Tehran on a two-day visit, is also scheduled to meet with the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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