Larijani Stresses Supervision over N. Issue

A0215082.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Larijani stressed that he is the only one in charge of the nuclear issue of his country.

Speaking to reporters in a press conference following his meeting with the Georgian Foreign Minister here in Tehran on Monday, Larijani warned the West that in case they intend to continue with their adventurism and radical measures against Iran, Tehran would not continue with the talks.

He stressed that Iran is an earnest supporter of negotiations for the solution of all problems, but meantime added, “Yet, if they adopt radical measures, they will certainly make us enter new conditions.”

Noting his recent agreements with EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana gained in four rounds of talks, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator said, “As both sides have stressed, a good basis was created for Iran-West understanding in the nuclear issue after four rounds of talks.”

He said in his talks with Solana, he has presented a proper answer and formula to assure the West that Iran may never divert from its present peaceful nuclear activities.

Larijani said that the Iranian delegation has also provided a formula for the West to assure Tehran that the other side is not seeking to deprive Iran of its right of access to nuclear technology.

“We agreed that 5+1 present a definition for Iran’s nuclear activities which should include enrichment of uranium and nuclear fuel production. To assure the other side that we may not divert from peaceful to military intentions, we told them that an international consortium could be formed to enrich uranium for Iran,” he continued.

Iran’s top nuclear negotiator stressed that if the agreements he and Solana have made in their talks are used as a basis, then the interests of both parties would be served.

He underlined that Iran is still loyal to all the agreements the two sides have made in Larijani-Solana talks, but meantime warned that if the other side proves its disloyalty to the said agreements, “then it should face negative consequences.”

Larijani expressed the hope that Solana could convince the group 5+1 of the value and the need for pursuing the said agreements.

He also stressed that if the other party moves towards radical and punitive measures, Iran will not give up its present path of nuclear progress and would continue its activities very decisively.

Asked if the nuclear issue is managed, decided or supervised by other groups inside Iran, he said he is the only one responsible for the issue and that all affairs are supervised and administered by him.

He dismissed that the results of his talks with Solana have been predetermined, stressing that the issue of suspension was not at all addressed at the beginning of talks.

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