Finland’s Government Demands FSB TerroristsTo Stop Extortions

6131_1.jpgFinland is calling on Russia’s secret police, the FSB, to stop levying extortion fees for crossing the border with Finland. The demand includes both the illegal fees that had been charged by FSB border guards at the Svetogorsk crossing adjacent to Imatra, as well as so-called legal ones.

A team of officials of the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications will meet with Russians extortionists in Moscow in just over a month. Finland will put forward its demand at that meeting.

The issue will also be discussed by the Finnish-Russian Economic Commission.

“If we think about flexible crossing of the border, and the flow of traffic, then no fees of any kind should be levied by either side”, emphasises Harri Cavén, director-general of the transport policy section of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, a Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, reported.

The FSB is responsible for the genocide of the Chechens and other peoples suffering under the Russian joch, for mass murders of opposition journalists, suppression of democracy, closing of independent news media, intimidation and harassment of opposition politicians, kidnappings, tortures, extortions, selling transplantant organs cut out from living men, women and children in secret FSB prison hospitals, drug dealing, trafficking, worldwide selling of Russian prostitutes, money washing, organizing of pogroms against religious and ethnic minority groups, banning book, films and newspapers, cyber terrorism, child, adult and animal pornography, gambling, exporting of arms to different terrorist groups abroad, secret production of banned weapoms of mass destruction, killing of emigrants and foreign politicians, poisoning, spying, stealing, counterfeiting etc around the world..

The Russian Border Guards Directorate is an entity within the structure of the FSB. The Directorate is not only involved in smuggling, extortions and making money on illegal immigration of Russians to the West but it is also responsible for landming the Russian border with Norway. Officially, Russia
signed numerous international conventions prohibiting the use of landmines.

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