US Defeated by Islam

A0056960.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Vice Chairman of Iran’s Islamic Consultative Assembly said here on Saturday that the United States has been pushed to take up not more than a marginal role, but it is still striving to achieve its goals through disturbing regional security.

Speaking to FNA, Mohammad Hasan Abu-Torabifard said, “The US once intended to insult the Iranian nation by ratifying the capitulation law in this country, while it is now confronting a nation which has turned into a great movement and a paradigm for all the Muslim nations through resorting to Islam and solidarity.”

“And this victorious movement has turned into a barrier for the United States’ access to its illegitimate ambitions and goals in the region,” he continued.

The MP added that Islam has made both the US and Israel fail in achieving any of their desires and goals in Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan and other Middle-Eastern countries, but meantime reminded that Washington and Tel Aviv endeavor to reach their goals through disturbing security, triggering and managing terrorist attacks and invading regional states, similar to what they did to the Lebanese nation.

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