Rafsanjani Blasts Extremist Prejudice in Iraq

A0237869.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Expediency Council Chairman Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said that radical prejudice has unfortunately turned into the root cause of some incidents in Iraq.

Speaking in a meeting with a number of leaders of Iraqi Sunni and Shiite nomads here on Tuesday, Rafsanjani, noted the role of nomads in Iraq’s history and said that they are expected to play a more effective role under the present conditions, considering that they can speak the requests of their nation.

Rafsanjani praised the Islamic and national morals of the Iraqi people, and said that the Iraqi people’s profound understanding of current developments shows the maturity and growth of the country and its people.

He further called on the Iraqi people to take the present opportunity, warning that once they fail to do so, they will have to say farewell to such a historical chance forever.

The Expediency Council Chairman also noted the goals of the occupiers in Iraq, and said holding of several elections while the country was under the occupation of the alien troops showed Iraqis’ maturity and strong move towards democracy.

He regretted the current situation in Iraq, and said that some incidents in Iraq are just a product of extremist prejudice.

Pointing to Iraq’s problem of brain drain, he called on both Shiite and Sunni population to refrain from such reasonless conflicts in a bid to harness development of insecurities and stop migration of the intelligentsia from that country.

Describing Iraq as a rich country, the official stated that its manpower, history and God-gifted reserves provide good grounds for turning it into an exemplary Third World country, adding that Iran will also benefit from a unified and advanced Iraq.

At the beginning of the session, a number of leaders of Iraqi Sunni and Shiite nomads briefed Rafsanjani about the current conditions in their residing areas, and further called on the Iranian officials to pay further attention to their country.

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