Iran Strongly Opposes WMDs

A0174863.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs stressed that Iran is strongly opposed to all types of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), saying that the world would be a safer place without such inhuman arms.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the 8th training course on the Medical Aspects of Confronting Chemical Weapons, Seyed Abbas Araghchi reminded that Iran is the first country to have sustained gravest losses and casualties from chemical weapons ever since World War I.

He said his country is still suffering from the aftermath of the chemical invasions by the Iraqi army during Saddam’s imposed war on Iran.

Noting Iran’s opposition against WMDs, he said, “We believe that the world would be a safer place without such inhuman weapons.”

“Even now after 18 years, we still have a large number of affected survivors who suffer from the aftermaths of Saddam’s chemical weapons,” the official stated, adding that 7000 of the total 45000 chemically wounded Iranians are civilians.

He said Iran hopes its chemically wounded citizens undergo immediate recovery and return to their normal lives.

Araghchi also expressed the hope that no other nation would ever be targeted by chemical weapons.

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