Shirin Ebadi Views Saddam’s Trial as Defective

A0186957.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi described the judicial trend of Saddam’s trial as deficient in covering all the crimes committed by the former Iraqi dictator, reminding that there are many other crimes, including the chemical bombardment of Iran, for which Saddam has not been tried at the court yet.

Speaking to FNA correspondent in France, where she is attending an academic meeting in the vicinity of the capital city of Paris, the Noble Peace Prize winner regret why Saddam was not tried when he was in power and why he was assisted by the western countries when he launched chemical attacks against Iran and even against his own people in northern Iraq.

“The international community should have thought of his crimes much earlier,” she said, adding, “I do regret why the international community provided Saddam with chemical bombs when he was in power.”

Asked how she, as a law expert, would try Saddam and what kind of verdict she thinks might suit the former Iraqi dictator, Ebadi reiterated, “As a law expert, I could think of a verdict for him when all his devilish and shameless acts were verified, while there are still many aspects of his crimes, including bombardment of the Iranian northwestern city of Sardasht by chemical weapons, which have not been covered in his trial.”

Asked if she considers the court verdict as incomplete, the Noble peace laureate stressed, “The trial is defective because the relevant court has not dealt with all aspects of Saddam’s crimes.”

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