Supreme Leader Meets Lebanese Parliament Speaker

A0241978.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei met with the Lebanese Parliament Speaker, Nabih Berri here in Tehran on Tuesday.

During the meeting which was also attended by delegates from the Lebanese Hezbollah and Amal Movement, the Leader praised Berri’s unique role during Lebanon’s 33 days of resistance against the Zionist enemy and described Lebanon as a battleground where the United States and the Zionist regime will have to experience defeat.

He further praised the Islamic resistance and people of Lebanon for their courageous resistance against the enemies, and viewed it as a source of honor and glory for the entire Islamic Ummah (nation).

Ayatollah Khamenei also stated that the different valuable aspects of the 33 days of resistance against the US and the Zionist regime which was unprecedented in the Arab and Islamic worlds will come to be known in future.

He described the Lebanese leader, Seyed Hassan Nasrallah as an exceptional figure in the world of Islam, and appreciating Berri’s unique role during the Lebanese 33 days of resistance, he pointed to solidarity and unity among the followers of Hezbollah and Amal movements as the main factor paving the ground for the great triumph.

The Leader also called on the Lebanese groups to strengthen their unity.

He further warned that the Untied States and the Zionist regime are likely to hatch sinister political conspiracies in a bid to degrade the Lebanese victory and to make its achievements and impacts fade away.

“The Lebanese people and Islamic resistance should be prepared for all possibilities,” Ayatollah Khamenei mentioned, adding, “Of course, the spirit and political vigilance of the Lebanese people and Islamic resistance as well as their supporters in the world of Islam are much higher than what existed prior to the 33-day war.”

Stressing that the Lebanese people’s victory has frustrated the enemies, the supreme leader described Lebanon as a battleground where the United States and Zionist regime will have to experience defeat.

The Supreme Leader assessed the political issues of the region and the world as an indicator of the beginning of a new era.

He said, “The US and its policies in the world and in the region are destined to failure,” and further called for a proper use of the existing opportunities.

The Leader also described the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran as much stronger and more favorable than before and stressed that Iran’s future is promising.

He also viewed the holding of the Tehran conference of the Association of the Asian Parliaments as a valuable move.

For his part, Lebanese Parliament Speaker, Nabih Berri said that the victory of his people and the Islamic resistance during the 33 days of the Israeli invasion of that country is indebted to the resistance and brevity of the youth against the military aggression of the Zionist regime as well as the unity and solidarity of the Lebanese people and their strong support for the Islamic Resistance and the unity among all Islamic resistance groups.

He said the victory of the Lebanese people proved that strong faith is more efficient and effective than any other weapon.

The Lebanese top legislative official further briefed the Supreme Leader about the crimes of the Zionist regime in Lebanon, and criticized the western countries and international circles and bodies for their silence in the face of Israeli crimes in Lebanon.

He also pointed out that God Almighty foiled the malicious intentions of those who sought to play a trick on the Middle-East, adding that recent developments are a prelude to the imminent demise and destruction of the US empire.

Berri also underlined that the triumph of the Lebanese nation and Islamic resistance during the 33-day war has played an influential role in the recent defeat of the Republican party in the US midterm legislative elections.

He further appreciated the spiritual supports and aids extended by the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Lebanese people, and stressed, “Although the United States and Zionist regime are striving to block Iran’s spiritual influence in the region, the Islamic Republic of Iran will be the main power in the region’s new era.”

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