Drug Production in Afghanistan Inflicts Huge Losses on Iran

A01750153.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Head of Judiciary Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi said that production and distribution of drugs in Afghanistan has inflicted a great loss on the Iranian nation.

Shahroudi further stated that cultivation of narcotics has increased since the deployment of US troops in Afghanistan.

Noting the trafficking and transit of illicit drugs from Afghanistan to Europe via Iran, he stressed the need for the prevention of the production and distribution of illicit drugs and called on all world states, nations and international bodies, specially those which claim to be the pioneers of international campaign against terrorism, to fight against drug plantation and trafficking, “if they are honest in their statements.”

The official lashed out at the US troops in Afghanistan, and said, “Established data and statistical figures by international bodies and organizations have shown that cultivation of opium poppy has experienced 60% of increase in recent years, meaning that the US troops deployed in Afghanistan are helping to the expansion of poppy farms instead of preventing it.”

He reminded that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always complied with its international and human duties and responsibilities and pioneered in the campaign against illicit drugs, “but unfortunately, the Iranian nation and government have long been paying the costs of not only indifference but regrettably the assistance of some governments to the production and distribution of narcotics in Afghanistan.”

The judiciary chief further called on the international bodies, the EU states and other counties to revise their policies and strategies for drug campaign, and warned that the lack of action by such bodies and countries in assisting Iran with drug campaign could have grave consequences for Europe and other countries, including expansion of the problem of drug trafficking and drug use.

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