Iran’s mission to UN Rejects US Media Claims

The permanent mission of Iran to the United Nations has strongly rejected as sheer lie the claim by Fox News that Iran has given asylum to members of the Al-Qaeda group.

 Iran’s diplomatic mission to the United Nations in a letter to Fox News rejecting that channel’s claims against Iran said Iran is one of the prime victims of the “terrorist activities” of the Al-Qaeda group and Iranian officials have frequently announced that Islam purportedly “condemns terrorism and the activities of the Al-Qaeda group,” Radio Tehran reported.


Part of the letter by the Iranian delegation reads: Iran has fully cooperated with international organizations including the UN anti-Taliban and anti-Al-Qaeda committee and has repeatedly been praised by the said committee, Radio Tehran said.


Iran also urged the Fox News channel to avoid repeating such intentional and blatant mistakes, adding “the release of such unfounded reports runs counter to the basic principles of journalism and Iran wants Fox News to strongly reject this claim and inform the audience of the realities”, Radio Tehran said.

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