Iran Prepared to Aid Withdrawal of Occupiers from Iraq

A0222666.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Sunday stressed that Iran is ready to help Iraq’s occupiers withdraw from that country.

“Iranian nation is prepared to help you get out of the quagmire of Iraq, provided that you undertake to correct your behavior, give up oppression and take your forces back home,” Ahmadinejad said.

He characterized Iran as an invincible country, but meantime underscored that the Iranian nation seeks establishment of peace and tranquility in every corner of the world, the Middle-East and Persian Gulf in particular.

The president reiterated that regional nations are well capable of restoring security in the region, and viewed presence of alien states as a source of tension, conflict and discord.

He pointed to Iraq as the instance of a country burdening the negative consequences of the deployment of occupying troops, and reminded, “The Iraqi people conducted a peaceful life with each other for hundreds of years, but since the very day the big powers stepped into the Iraqi territory, we have been witnessing conflicts, differences and discord.”

Ahmadinejad called on the world powers to leave the region, while he reminded the regional nations that the US power is increasingly growing feeble.

He also called on the regional nations to be watchful of the satanic plots of the Israeli regime, and further stressed that the demise of the Zionist regime, which he described as an instrument in the hands of the system of hegemony, is imminent.

Stressing the need for solidarity and unity of nations and governments, the president called on the regional nations to render assistance to the Iraqi, Palestinian, Afghan and Lebanese nations, and assured that regional states can force alien countries to withdraw from the region through mutual and multilateral assistance.

“Regional nations are all equal, and Iranian nation is a defender of the rights of all nations,” he mentioned, adding, “Now is the time when we, hand in hand, can establish peace and security in the region and expel the anti-human enemies from our sacred lands and countries.”

Addressing the US and British leaders, Ahmadinejad warned, “It is now the time for you to open you ears wide. You have been committing crimes in this region and using the Zionist regime as a blind tool to exert pressure on regional nations all throughout the last 60 years during which you have shed the blood of hundreds of thousands of people merely for the sake of your conceitedness.”

“But now you have come to the end of the road both in the region and the world, and the era of your bullying attitude has now come to its end,” he continued.

Ahmadinejad characterized bullying powers as the followers of evil in the war of Armageddon, who have entered the initial stages of defeat while they do not have any popular base either among the regional nations or in any other part of the world.

Meantime, the Iranian president advised the bullying powers to give up their attitude, return to the sanctity of divine decree and act as real friends of the world nations.

“But if you don’t respond to this invitation positively, justice will find a firm grip on you soon and you will be toppled by the world nations in the near future,” he concluded.

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