President calls for safeguarding Muslim women’s rights

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a meeting with Malaysian Minister of Women, Family and Social Development Shahrizad Abdeljalil here Tuesday urged Muslim women to propose strategies such as formation of convention to safeguard Muslim woman’s rights.

According to a report released by the Media Department of the Presidential Office, the president added that women need such a convention to introduce the model woman from the point of view of Islam and safeguard their rights in international assemblies.

Noting that many female scientists in the world of Islam are considered as assets of Islam and humanity, the chief executive underlined that the true role of women in human communities should be recognized.

The president said that in Islam man and woman are complementary to each other, adding that women and men can both conquer the peaks of accomplishments and honor.

For her part, the Malaysian minister appreciated the clear stance of Iranian officials on women’s issues.

Abdeljalil said, “Today, Iranian women are considered as a role model of progress and respect for women from various countries, in particular those from Islamic states.”
She pointed to instrumental use of women in many developed countries and reiterated the need for more serious attention of government officials and international assemblies to the decisive role of women in various domains

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