West Seeks to Deprive Nations of N. Energy

A02368765.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Depriving developing countries of the nuclear technology is a defined strategy of the western states, said Iran’s Ambassador to Thailand on Saturday.

Addressing the annual congregation of Minbouri Muslims in Thailand, Mohsen Pak Ayeen noted the West’s efforts to monopolize nuclear energy, and stated that depriving the developing nations of nuclear technology constitutes a strategy of the United States and some other western states.

He further stressed the inalienable right of all developing countries to gain access and use peaceful civilian nuclear technology, and assured that Iran’s insistence on its nuclear stances serves the future interests of all world countries, the developing nations in particular.

Denying West’s unfounded propaganda about Iran’s attempts to produce nuclear weapons, the diplomat reminded that the Islamic Republic has presented the required guarantees to substantiate its commitment to the international rules and regulations.

Pak Ayeen noted the Zionist regime’s arsenal of nuclear warheads, and underlined that the Israeli regime’s inhuman and aggressive policies pose a permanent and major threat to global peace, adding, “The world, particularly the Middle-East, will not experience peace and tranquility so far as this center of crisis remains uncontrolled.”

He strongly rejected the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ theory, and further reiterated the need for dialogue and interaction as a main policy adopted to solve the world problems, saying that the US neoconservatives seek to foment regional wars through promoting the theory of the clash between the Asian and non-Asian civilizations in a bid to attain their expansionist goals.

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