Envoy Lauds Entrepreneurship of Samand Production Project in Syria

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s ambassador to Damascus Mohammad Hassan Akhtari said that manufacture of Iran’s passenger car ‘Samand’ in Syria will create 500 thousand job opportunities in that country.

Addressing a congregation of Iranian and Syrian auto part makers in Damascus on Saturday, Akhtari reminded the two countries’ growing political and economic ties since the onset of the Islamic Revolution, and expressed pleasure in Iran’s assistance and cooperation with Syria in the manufacture of a passenger car named ‘Sham’, which is the first experience of that country in the auto-manufacturing industry.

He also said that Sham which is scheduled to be manufactured jointly by Iran and Syria, can open its way into the regional markets in addition to the rewarding and growing market that it enjoys inside Syria.

The diplomat said that the cooperation by the Iranian and Syrian brothers will provide hundreds of thousands of jobs for Syrian workers and specialists, and further called on Damascus to render support to the newly established auto-manufacturing industry in that country.

Meantime, he said that the project comprises two phases, and added, “In the first phase, Syria will assemble the parts, while Iranians will transfer the technical know-how to that country in the second phase.

The ambassador also stated that manufacture of cars will turn into a home grown industry in Syria in the near future.

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