Iran’s N. Issue not Affected by Friday Elections

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stressed that the nationwide elections in Iran on Friday do not affect the country’s nuclear path and activities saying that Iranians have already conquered the peak of nuclear progress and the case with the nuclear issue has, thus, been dismissed.

Speaking to reporters during his visit to the country’s elections headquarters here on Sunday, Ahmadinejad stressed that his administration respects the choice of the nation and the results of the elections.

“The government will extend full support to those elected by the nation,” he underscored.

Asked about the delay in the announcement of the elections results, the president reminded that arrangement and holding of three simultaneous elections has been a cumbersome task for this government, saying that the large list of the candidates and number of voters have caused prolongation of the counting process.

Ahmadinejad also praised the public for practicing wide participation in the Friday elections, and viewed the nation as the real and main winner of the elections.

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