Gov’t Pursues N. Rights

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini stressed the Iranian government’s resolve to defend the country’s nuclear rights within the framework of international rules and regulations.

According to a report released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau, Hosseini made the remarks at the Persian Gulf University in Iran’s southern province of Bushehr on Tuesday.

He further elaborated on the strategies and goals pursued by Iran’s foreign policy, specially in connection with the West’s political, economic, cultural and international hegemony, which he said has been reinvigorated after the decomposition of the former Soviet Union.

The diplomat described the United States’ unilateralist and hegemonic approach in the post 9/11 era as an indication of the West’s new efforts to dominate the world and its resources, and continued, “Such an atmosphere undermined the power and credit of the legal international bodies.”

He also mentioned that the increased use of globalization, western economy and culture, presence of the United States in the world’s strategic regions and its efforts to create a mono-polar world and practice of unilateralism on the international scene are unpalatable to the majority of the world people.

The spokesman termed Iran’s Islamic Revolution a wise and vigilant reaction to unilateralism and globalization of the western culture and economy, while he reminded that a similar resistance in other countries could be readily perceived.

He pointed out that the increasing resistance by the different countries for restoring their basic rights, safeguarding their principles, values and national security and defending their right of access to knowledge and technology, including the nuclear energy come in direct reaction to the same hegemonic behavior shown by the West.

Hosseini mentioned Iran’s adherence to the international rules and regulations as the main reason underlying the West’s continuous withdrawal in dealing with Iran’s nuclear issue.

He further stressed the transparent and peaceful nature of his country’s nuclear activities, saying that reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) substantiate the fact that Iran has never diverted from the IAEA, NPT and Safeguard rules and regulations.

To end his words, the foreign ministry spokesman underlined that the Islamic Republic government rigidly insists on defending the country’s national rights within the framework of the international rules and regulations.

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