Lebanon in Dire Need of National Consensus

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s Expediency Council Chairman Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani stressed that public participation and national consensus by all Lebanese groups can defuse the plots hatched by some local and foreign agents.Speaking in a meeting with the Lebanese ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mansour here on Wednesday, Rafsanjani termed national consensus and solidarity as the main solution to the present crisis in that country.

He reminded that continuation of the present political crisis would be to the detriment of the Lebanese people, and added, “The Zionist regime and its supporters are seeking their own benefits from the present situation and that’s why they spark discord and differences among the Lebanese nation.”

The official pointed out that the Lebanese officials can remove the problems through adoption of a logical approach and vigilance.

He further voiced Iran’s serious support for any kind of benevolent initiative securing the interests of the Lebanese nation and bringing and end the current crisis, and stressed, “Public participation and national consensus among all Lebanese groups and attainment of an agreement by the leaders of all Lebanese groups and tribes can defuse the plots hatched by some local and alien agents.”

For his part, Lebanese ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mansour said that the recent problems in Lebanon and the issues of the region are interrelated, and further stressed that Lebanon will sooner or later get rid of the present crisis as a result of a consensus that would be reached by all the ethnic and political groups in his country.

The diplomat further stated that the similar challenges and stances shared by Iran and Lebanon have caused consolidation of the two countries’ mutual ties.

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