United States’ New Movements in Region Doomed to Failure

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A senior Iranian lawmaker, assessing the new Iraq strategy of the US President George W. Bush, said that the United States’ new moves in Iraq and the region are all destined to failure.Speaking to FNA here on Sunday, Chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy commission Alaoddin Boroujerdi pointed to the United States’ decision for dispatching more troops to Iraq, and said, “As the winner of the US midterm legislative elections, Democrats are strongly opposed to the decision as the new strategy of Bush deepens the gap on the scene of the US politics.”

He also pointed to the US tolls in Iraq, and described the increase in the number of the military troops deployed in Iraq as a provocative measure by the US, saying that the measure will further expose the lives of the American troopers to risk while it will not improve the ultimate position or condition of the US troops in Iraq.

The lawmaker further stated that Washington’s allegations about Iran’s intervention in Iraq’s domestic affairs are aimed at deviating the public opinion from the United States’ failed policies and the high number of tolls sustained by the US troops in Iraq.

Saying that the United States’ new moves in the region will yield no fruit for that country, he reminded that Iran’s relations, presence and activities in Iraq have always been carried out within the framework of international relations and the two countries’ bilateral ties.

Boroujerdi viewed the aforesaid US allegations as unfounded and incorrect, and reiterated, “They only aim to cover their defeats in Iraq.”

“Americans admitted the failure of Bush’s policies when they chose democrats in the recent elections, while the Democrat party, as the winner of the recent legislative elections, has also announced the failure of the US president’s policies,” he continued.

The senior official also assured that the fresh moves in the region by the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, will prove useless.

He further called on the Islamic and Arab states not to be deceived by the US plots and not to allow Washington to impair Iran’s desirable relations with the neighboring and regional countries through exerting political pressure.

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