DM Describes Invasion of Iran as Suicide

A02328904.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Islamic Republic’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar here on Wednesday viewed Israel’s nuclear invasion of Iran as a bluff, describing it as a suicidal act for the Zionist regime.

Speaking to reporters in a joint press conference with his Sudanese Counterpart Field Marshal Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein, the Iranian general voiced pleasure in Mohammed Hussein’s visit to Tehran, and said that the trip is a fruit of the resolve of the two countries’ senior leaders to increase cooperation in various fields.

He also stated that during his talks with the Sudanese defense minister, the two sides have discussed enhancement of the two countries’ defense relations in the various fields of training and transfer of technology, which Najjar stressed would be put into effect as soon as possible.

The minister further voiced Iran’s support for Sudan’s stances, and continued, “We believe that Sudan’s domestic problems must be resolved by the people of that region and the government of that country.”

“The intervention of the alien states would never leave a positive effect,” he reiterated.

Also noting the recent rumors about the likely invasion of the Iranian nuclear sites by the Zionist regime, the general mentioned, “I think they are not stupid enough to even think about such an action, because their smallest move will confront the most severe response by Tehran, which will make them regret the action for ever.”

“This is a bluff which serves psychological operation and aims to assess the reaction of the Iranian people and officials,” he said, adding that the Israelis have taken back their utterances in this regard.

Asked about the recent increase in the number of the United States’ conventional troops and military equipment in the Persian Gulf, which is said to be a prelude to a war on Iran, the defense minister described such reports and moves as a repetition of previous measures, which also serve the “psychological war on Iran.”

Also referring to the UNSC sanctions on the transfer of missile systems to Iran, he said, “Independence has always been the main slogan of our revolution. The resolution will have no impact on Iran’s missile capabilities as the Iranian youth and experts, relying on their self-belief, have turned all the countries’ defensive needs into home-grown technologies.”

“Sanctions cannot deprive a nation of the knowledge and science it has already possessed and developed,” he said, reminding that his country is now even expanding its exports in the field of defense.
In response to another question about the type of cooperation between Iran and Sudan, the minister said that technical and industrial areas as well as transfer of technology and training of forces comprise a major part of the two countries’ cooperation.

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