Hegemonic Policies Fail in Mideast

A02608615.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a meeting with Syrian Minister of Telecommunications and Technology Amir Nasir Salim here on Monday stressed that the policies of the hegemonic system for the Middle-East region have all been wrong and ended up in failure.

A statement released by the Presidential Press Office said that also during the meeting, the president mentioned that occupation of Iraq and undermining of the popular government in that country, establishment of the Zionist regime, animosity towards Iran and Syria and interference in Lebanon’s affairs have been among the said policies.

“They (hegemonic systems) do not consider any value for the regional nations and are just thinking of their own interests. Thus, regional states should vigilantly prevent occurrence of further problems through enhancing their solidarity and coordination,” he said.

The president also stressed that the new Iraq strategy of the US administration is already perceived as a failure, and mentioned, “Charging Iran and Syria with intervention in Iraq’s affairs has been the most hilarious claim they have ever made as they themselves have come to Iraq after they have traversed thousands of kilometers and while they create a new problem for that country each day.”

He further described the Zionist regime as a permanent threat to the region, and said, “As long as this forged regime exists in Palestine the region may not experience calm and tranquility. Therefore, countries of the region should practice enhanced solidarity and vigilance to thwart the devilish plots which seek to sow discord among regional nations.”

Elsewhere, Ahmadinejad said that his country shares progress and security with Syria, and stressed that the two nations’ ties can never be unfolded, considering their common views, interests and even enemies.

He also underlined that the path to the expansion of ties between Iran and Syria is unimpeded.

For his part, Syrian Minister of Telecommunications and Technology Amir Nasir Salim stressed that expansion of cooperation with Iran sets the top agenda for the Syrian government.

He further noted President Bashar al-Assad’s emphasis on cooperation with Iran as a top priority for Syria, and said that the two countries’ telecommunications ministries are currently exercising extensive cooperation in different areas.

The Syrian official also stated that during his current visit to Tehran, he has signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the Iranian side, which he described as an influential stride in consolidating the two states’ relations.

Noting Iran’s progress in the telecommunications technology, Salim called for the expansion of the two countries’ cooperation and transfer of Iran’s experiences to Syria in this field.

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