US Eisenhower Leaves Persian Gulf

A002343511.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- US navy aircraft carrier Eisenhower left the Persian Gulf for the eastern coasts of Oman a few days ago, an informed source in the Iranian armed forces said here on Tuesday.

“Despite the United States’ extensive propaganda about the build-up of its naval fleet in the Persian Gulf region, which serves as a part of Washington’s psychological war on Iran, the US navy aircraft carrier Eisenhower left the Persian Gulf waters a few days ago and is now deployed in the eastern coasts of Oman,” the source told FNA.

Asked if Eisenhower has been replaced with another US navy aircraft carrier, namely John Austins, he responded, “There are some who intend to pretend that the US military troops are on a stand-by position prepared to launch an attack on Iran, but this is not the truth and the case with Eisenhower substantiates the same fact.”

The source also assured that Iranian naval force are in full control of the situation and closely monitor the trafficking, displacements and deployment of trans-regional force in the region.

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