Iran a Determining Actor in West Asia

A02614395.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- As the biggest owner of gas reserves in west Asia, Iran has a crucially important role and position in the said region, a senior Iranian oil ministry official said during Iran-Pakistan-India talks on the gas pipeline project here on Wednesday.

Addressing the opening session of the trilateral talks on a pipeline project which is due to take Iran’s natural gas to India via Pakistan – also known as the Peace Pipeline – representative of the Iranian oil minister said that west Asia enjoys proper means and possibilities for the supply of energy to the developing countries, considering the rich countries located in this region.

“A large part of the economic development of the developed and developing countries is indebted to the cheap energy supplied from this region,” Hojjatollah Ghanimi-fard continued.

Noting that a large number of Asian countries, located in an area truly close to western Asia, are now undergoing development work, he said Iran is glad to play a role in the region, considering that it is one of the countries with vast fossil fuel reserves, natural gas in particular.

He reminded that public welfare requires technological advancement in any given country, which in turn, requires access to sufficient and proper energy resources.

“Energy is a decisive factor both for its owners and for the consumers,” he reminded, adding that Iran, as the biggest owner of gas reserves in western Asia, has a crucially important role and position in the said region.

Energy supply and demand is considered as a factor in the different countries’ convergence for development and interaction in the contemporary era, he said.

“As Islamic Republic’s friends, India and Pakistan, which share abundant ancient bonds with Iran, will certainly consolidate their ties with Tehran in the near future, specially in the energy sector,” representative of the Iranian oil minister stressed.

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