Iran: Enemy Invasion Reciprocated Overwhelmingly

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar stressed that Iranian military forces will reciprocate even the smallest aggressive moves by the enemies with the most devastating and crushing response possible.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an open session of the parliament here on Wednesday, the General noted the US threats against Iran, and assured that his troops are prepared at the highest levels.

“Our armed forces are quite mighty and they are monitoring all enemy moves vigilantly,” he said.

Saying that the current build-up in the region is rather a display of power by the enemy to affect the Iranian nation and officials through increased psychological pressures on the Islamic Republic, the minister ascertained that once enemies face Iranian nation and officials’ crushing and devastating response, they will be forced to withdraw.

“We have already witnessed the case with Israel, when the Zionist regime posed threats on us, but it backtracked immediately after,” he continued.

The General further mentioned that enemies’ moves are negative measures which produce reverse results, adding, “Enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran are now confused as you can trace their confusion in the contradictory remarks they make.”

Addressing the US president and his advisors, Najjar said, “If you are wise, you must contemplate and take an action which is rational and serves the interests of your nation.”

He also said that American people are strongly opposed to the crazy measures adopted by their officials, and reminded, “During the last 27 years, whatever action enemies have taken against us has ended up in their own detriment.”

Stating that Iran seeks regional peace and security, the defense minister continued, “We believe that we can contribute to the security and stability of the region; these are the trans-regional forces which have disturbed tranquility of the people in this region.”

In response to a question about the impacts of UN Security Council sanctions on Iran’s defense industries, he said all Iran’s surface to air and anti-armor rockets and missiles are now manufactured locally using a home-grown technology, adding, “We have even reached self-sufficiency in manufacturing the said items and, thus, we do not need foreigners in this ground at all.”

Asked about the purchase and transfer of a new missile system from Russia, the General pointed to Iran’s excellent defensive interactions and agreements with Russia, adding, “We have purchased a series of missiles from them, which have been delivered to us.”

Asked to comment on the last night statements made by President Ahmadinejad that Iran is now concerned about the deployment of foreign warships in the Persian Gulf, the Iranian defense minister stated, “President intended to give this message out that the ruling system is standing up very powerfully and with full authority and security and that we are not worried about the trafficking of the US forces in the region.”

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