Bush Fearful of Iran-Iraq Developed Ties

A023289810.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian lawmaker said here on Saturday that US President’s recent order for the US army to arrest and kill Iranians in Iraq illustrates that Bush is fearful of the development of Tehran-Baghdad relations.

Representative of Tabriz at the Islamic Consultative Assembly Eshrat Shayeq also said that Bush’s instruction is a blatant intervention in the domestic affairs of an independent state.

“Concurrent with the increased international pressures for the withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq, Bush announced that he would increase the number of the US forces deployed in Iraq and has also issued an order which authorizes arrest and killing of Iranians, which are all deemed as a further attempt by the White House to foment and deteriorate crisis in the region,” she continued.

“These measures, which are also an indication of the US President’s hegemonic nature, will not solve any problem and they will complicate the problems and fuel Iraqis’ hatred for the occupiers, instead,” the MP added.

Shayeq further stressed that the US has no way out but to withdraw its troops from Iraq and transfer that country’s affairs to the Iraqi nation and government.

She also said that if the Iraqi nation comes to the conclusion that the only way to secure its national interests passes through a confrontation with the aggressors, then it will certainly inflict unbearable losses and casualties on the occupying troops in that country.

“If the United States’ system of foreign policy was dominated by rationality, then it would use Iran’s influence and power for the establishment of peace and stability in the region, rather than adopting provocative measures against the Islamic Republic,” the legislative official concluded.

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