MP Condemns Bush’s Order for Killing Iranians

A02328981.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A senior Iranian MP here on Friday described as a terrorist measure a recent order by US President George W. Bush for killing Iranians in Iraq.

Speaking to FNA, Chairman of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaoddin Boroujerdi noted some reports about Bush’s order for the US army to arrest and kill Iranians in Iraq and expressed hope the reports were not true.

“Such moves are deemed as terrorist measures and are in blatant contradiction to the international rules and regulations,” Boroujerdi stressed.

He further viewed Bush’s directive as an indication of the fact that the US is stuck in the quagmire of Iraq, and mentioned, “Such a measure illustrates the failure of the United States’ new strategy in Iraq, because it has had no effect in quelling unrests and restoring calm and order and has instead roused intensified reactions in Iraq.”

“Meantime, the new strategy of the White House has faced intense opposition at the national level, in general, and at the US congress and Foreign Relations Council of the Congress, in particular,” the legislative official continued.

Stating that Bush has gone out of control and balance, he warned that the measures adopted by Bush incur great losses on the US, Republicans and Bush himself.

The lawmaker further pointed out, “Such an order seems illogical and incredible in the first place, but if it is true, the Iraqi government is directly responsible in this regard.”

“And considering the extensive official relations between Iran and Iraq, the necessary plans and arrangements must be devised in this ground,” he reiterated.

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