US Strategy Seeks to Intensify Ethnic Conflicts

A02328988.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said here on Saturday that the US is seeking to foment and intensify ethnic and religious conflicts in the region in a bid to make up for the failures it has experienced so far.

“Execution of Saddam Hussein and the kidnapping of the Iranian diplomats in Iraq were conducted to the same end,” he continued.

“They executed Saddam in such a fashion that they could convince the regional Sunnis that his execution had been demanded only by the Iraqi Shiites,” the General said, adding, “And when they kidnapped the Iranian diplomats in Iraq, they sought to inspire Iraqis and regional states that the Shiite Iran is behind insecurities in Iraq.”

He further mentioned that Washington’s efforts to sow discord between the Muslim Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq and her intervention in Lebanon’s domestic affairs are among other attempts by the United States, which were meant to serve the same goal, that is, creating tension in the region.

Najjar said that the US administration has come to the conclusion that its illegitimate presence in the strategic region of the Middle-East and its plundering of the wealth and resources of the regional nations is possible only through creating tensions and insecurities and waging wars in this region.

“The insistence of the US neo-conservatives to dispatch more troops to the region is in line with the same policy,” he added.

The Iranian defense minister further stressed the need for the regional nations and governments to show vigilance and solidarity and refrain from violence and conflicts.

He also stated that regional security, stability, peace and tranquility can only be realized only through convergence and constructive interaction of the regional states and the urgent withdrawal of the alien forces from the region.

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