White House Fearful of Iran’s Extensive Ties with Iraq

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The White House reacted warily to Iran’s plans to expand ties with Iraq, saying that Tehran needed play a constructive role but leaving bilateral relations up to Baghdad, but it has apparently forgotten that Iraq is also a fervent enthusiast for developing consolidated ties with Iran.

“The government of Iraq will have to make decisions about its relations with Iran,” spokesman Tony Snow told reporters after Iran’s ambassador to Iraq told the New York Times about plans to deepen relations.

“The one thing we have said all along is that we hope Iran plays a constructive role in the region,” said Snow. “At this point, it has not been constructive; we hope it does become more constructive.”

The spokesman accused Iran of “pursuing nuclear weapons or supporting groups that have been committing acts of violence against US troops.”

But similar to other US officials, Snow didn’t present even one single document or substantiating proof for his allegations, apparently he has forgotten like his boss in the White House that actions speak louder than words. Who is posing repeated threats to the region and Iran except for the US and Israel? Who is officially known as possessor of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), the US and Israel or Iran? And who has threatened to attack the other party, US and Israel or Iran?

Snow’s comments came after Iran’s ambassador to Iraq, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, told the Times in an interview conducted Sunday that his country was prepared to offer training, equipment and advisers to Iraqi government forces for “the security fight.”

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