Iran: Muslim Unity Targeted by US, Britain

A02582024.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said that the clandestine policies of the US and Britain are aimed at breaking Muslim unity through sowing discord among them.

Speaking in a press conference at the end of the African Union (AU) summit in Ethiopia on Wednesday, Mottaki said, “We can observe the covert policies of the US and Britain which seek to sow seeds of discord among Iraqis in an effort to break Muslim unity.”

“We are followers of the policies of the Late Imam Khomeini who has said those who sow discord between the Shiites and Sunnites are neither Shiite nor Sunnite,” he continued.

The Iranian top diplomat further called on Muslims to show vigilance and intelligence in order not to provide enemies with any opportunity to practice such plots.

He also stressed that governments, religious scholars, thinkers, intellectuals and mass media in the world of Islam should strive to prevent discord among Muslims.

Mottaki also reminded that wherever the Untied States has shown up to solve a problem, it has complicated it instead.

“And we have observed such a fact in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine,” he added.

Also noting the upcoming ministerial meeting of Iraq’s neighboring states in Baghdad, Mottaki reiterated that the presence of all Iraq’s neighboring states in the said conference will be a constructive and useful collective effort to help to the establishment of security and stability in Iraq.

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