MP Calls for Immediate Measures by Iraq to Release Iran’s Diplomats

A02582021.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian MP here on Wednesday called on Baghdad to take serious its responsibility for releasing the Iranian diplomats kidnapped by the US forces in Iraq, reminding that continued incarceration of the five Iranian diplomats impairs the credit and authority of the Iraqi government.

Member of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Reza Talayee Nik reminded that the legal and international duties of the Iraqi government require Baghdad to take serious actions in this regard, adding that such seriousness would prove effective in preventing recurrence of similar incidents and in preventing endangerment of the security of foreign citizens in that country.

He further accused US army of ignoring the Iraqi government’s right of national sovereignty and violation of diplomatic and international rules, specially the Vienna convention, saying that the United States’ violation of security rules and commitments has paved the ground for insecurities in Iraq.

The legislative official warned that continued incarceration of the Iranian diplomats would damage authority and credit of the Iraqi governmental and international bodies.

He further stated that the new strategy of the US in the region seeks political, psychological and security excuses to divert the public opinion in the world of Islam and world countries by dropping accusations at Iran and Shiites, adding, “And the raid on the Iranian consulate general in Erbil and kidnapping of the Iranian diplomats there as well as the indirect support for terrorist attacks on the Shiites all constitute the United States’ new strategy for the region.”

The lawmaker also mentioned that prolongation of the detention of the Iranian diplomats is aimed at launching a psychological war on Iran and Shiites and connecting the case of the diplomats with the insecurities in Iraq and Iran’s nuclear issue.

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