Attack On Iraq Not Only For Oil

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 6 (Bernama) — The United States of America attacked Iraq not only for its oil, but also to control the flow of the valuable commodity widely used in the east, a renowned media practitioner said here Tuesday.

Dr Gwynne Dyer, a freelance journalist and columnist, said the US wanted to extend its control over the world and controlling oil flow from Iraq would help achieve this aim as most of the oil produced by Iraq was not used in the US, but exported to the east, especially to China.

“This we see as a very invisible way of making sure China can be kept in check. By 2040, the US knows China would be equal not only in economic terms but also military might. What a better way to keep the lid on China than controlling its oil,” he said.

He was speaking at the three-day War Crimes Conference, organised by the Perdana Global Peace Organisation, headed by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, which entered its second day at the Putra World Trade Centre here.

“Going to war with Iraq was just a distraction from the actual intention, that is to control the entire supply of oil in the Persian Gulf,” Dyer said at a session entitled “The Ultimate War Crime & How to Distract the Media”.

“You don’t need to invade a country to get oil from them. They are in the business of selling it. But if you want to control where the oil is being sold, then you control whoever buys that oil and in this case, China. The main aim is to get to the heart of the Persian Gulf and control the flow of oil,” he added.

He said the war in Iraq was on the pretext of countering terrorist threats but until today there was no evidence that Iraq had any weapons of mass destruction nor did it house large terrorist groups.

“The reason given for the attack or invasion is of course nonsense. It was a manufactured reasoning. As a journalist, I have friends in the American and British intelligence who can vouch for this,” Dyer revealed.

The real reason for the invasion, he claimed was a “greater power game” to impose American superiority over the world.

“The real target was actually China which is expected to become a major economic player by 2040. The US wants to continue their control…they don’t like to be number two or three, they don’t like other positions except being number one.”

He said the task of criminalising war and making it illegal was done 52 years ago with the establishment of the United Nations.

“But now the UN has been sidelined. They do not pay heed to the UN…they can go to war but when others do that, then it’s a crime and is illegal.”

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