Muslim Brotherhood condemns prejudice against Shias

mahdiakef.jpgThe leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Mahdi Akef, severely criticized prejudiced religious figures who label Shias as takfiris (extremists who believe they are the only true Muslims)

He asked Shia and Sunni Muslims to join hands to prevent sectarian strife in Iraq, the Beirut-based As-Safir newspaper quoted him as saying in his weekly message.

 He called for all Shia and Sunni ulema to unite, adding the ulema can revive fraternity between Shias and Sunnis.

“I want the Sunni ulema to condemn the branding of Shias as takfiris, and I warn all Sunnis against entering into such matters.”

Akef warned that Washington is trying to use the Shia-Sunni divide as a first step to reinforce animosity toward Tehran.

Islam is a religion which invites all its followers to establish strong ties, noted the Muslim Brotherhood chief.

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