Baghdad bomber targets funeral

At least seven people were killed when a suicide bomber targeted mourners at a funeral in Iraq.

Around 15 people were injured in the blast in a funeral tent in northeastern Baghdad.

The bomber carried out his suicide attack in the mainly Shi’ite area of Palestine Street.

It came after at least ten people were killed in two earlier blasts.

The first blast occurred near a fuel station in the district of Saidiya, killing five people and wounding 11.

The second took place at a vegetable market in Doura, in southern Baghdad, leaving five dead and 20 injured. An attempted bombing was also foiled in the area, police said.

The attacks were launched despite a major security crackdown by US forces.

More than 110,000 Iraqi and US security forces are taking part in Operation Imposing Law, aimed at curbing sectarian violence which has killed hundreds every week and driven tens of thousands from their homes.

A US embassy spokesman said: “This is a gradual plan. To say this is successful or this is failing is way too premature at this point.”

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