Speaker Lauds Venezuelan Parliament

A02725854.jpgIranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel in a message addressed to his Venezuelan counterpart, appreciated the legislative body in Caracas for condemning US threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to a statement released by the Information and Media Department of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Haddad Adel further added that the increasing threats posed by the US to Iran to allegedly foil Tehran’s ambitions of producing nuclear arms are merely some boastful and hollow allegations aimed at projecting problems and weaknesses of the White house leaders.

“Adventurism and hues and cries of the US about the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions, which take place irrespective of the repeated emphasis of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities, merely serve as a pretext for hiding the increasing domestic problems of the United States and fomenting another crisis in the sensitive and strategic Middle-East region to dominate the vital energy resources of this region and pave the ground for the exercise of the arrogant New Middle-East Plan,” he stressed.

Elsewhere in the message, Haddad Adel praised vigilance and intelligent attention of the Venezuelan parliament in the face of the hegemonic temper and arrogant goals of the US statesmen, and further expressed the hope that the international community, specially the United Nations Organization, feel responsible like the representatives of the Venezuelan National Assembly to prevent emergence of another crisis in the Middle-East.

Venezuelan National Assembly in a recent statement stressed the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities, and described the United States’ threats against Tehran as a great danger posed to the world peace and security, saying that the US poses such threats to foment international crises in an effort o attain its goals under such pretext.

The Venezuelan MPs further termed the New Middle-East plan as an imperialist plot hatched against independence of the regional states, specially the Islamic Republic of Iran, and warned the world community against the consequences of this measure.

“We demand Mr. Ban Ki Moon (The UN Secretary General) to adopt the necessary measures and make the needed arrangements to prevent the White House state-sponsored terrorism from committing another crime,” The statement of the Venezuelan parliament read.

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