Iran Stresses Shared Views with Latin America

A02725856.jpgIranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said that his country shares views with the Latin American states, specially Venezuela. Speaking at a joint press conference with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro Moros here in Tehran on Tuesday, Mottaki said that Iran enjoys growingly unique ties with Venezuela.

He further said the visit to Tehran by his Venezuelan counterpart, which is taking place simultaneous with the 4th meeting of the two countries’ joint economic commission, is aimed at studying the different dimensions of the two states’ cooperation within the framework of the agreements concluded during the recent visit to Caracas by Iranian president Ahmadinejad.

Mottaki said that during his talks with Maduro Moros, the two sides had discussed bilateral ties, and mentioned he was pleased to see that Iran-Venezuela growing relations drove the two countries towards the high peaks of cooperation and that Tehran-Caracas ties are growing strategic.

He stated the Iranian and Venezuelan leaders’ precise and proper understanding of the two countries’ common interests, views and concerns has underpinned the said cooperation, adding, “Continued meetings between the two countries’ presidents, foreign ministers and chairmen of the two sides’ joint commissions have laid the grounds for such cooperation.”

Mottaki noted that the two countries’ economic cooperation in areas of oil and gas, and auto, tractor and van-manufacturing have set a symbol for their relations.

He also voiced pleasure in the two countries’ cooperation in the housing and cement production sectors, and reminded that Tehran and Caracas enjoy identical views about regional and international political developments, which Mottaki said are based on justice-seeking.

“Today, under the leadership of Mr. Chavez in Venezuela and in light of other freedom and justice-seeking movements in the whole of Latin America from Argentina in the foremost south to Mexico in the foremost north of the Latin American continent, you can hear one single voice which rejects the mechanisms used in all the political, monetary and international financial relations of that regions in recent decades,” the Iranian minister said.

He said the freedom-seeking movement in Latin America displays a new resolve by the regional nations to practice policies and establish relations based on public and national interests.

Saying that the aforementioned approach has strong supporters in the Islamic Republic of Iran and other parts of the world, Mottaki added, “Owing to the same reason, we feel that we hold shared views with the Latin American states, specially Venezuela.”

He also pointed to the regional developments, including those of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine, as well as Iran’s nuclear issue as among other topics surveyed in his talks with Maduro Moros.

The top diplomat further praised Venezuela’s courageous vote in support of Iran
at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Board of Governors, and said, “Venezuela has always been among the strong defenders of the entitlement of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) member states, including Iran, to the civilian nuclear technology and we do appreciate Caracas for the adoption of these brave and revolutionary stances.”

Asked whether Iran will restrict its cooperation with the Agency should the Agency restrict its cooperation with Iran, he responded, “Cooperation between Iran and the Agency takes place in accordance with the mutual agreements and due to Iran’s membership in the NPT.”

Iranian foreign minister stressed that the IAEA is not authorized to stop cooperation with Iran, a measure which, he said, is contrary to legal norms and already agreed frameworks.

Mottaki added, “The basis for cooperation between Iran and the Agency is a mutual resolve which, I think will continue.”

He further expressed hope that in the settlement of Iran’s nuclear case, a collective wisdom will dominate the decision makings by the European and non-European parties and that no special view is imposed.

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