Khaled Mashal: Palestine Still in Need of Iran’s Aids

A027258510.jpgWe are still in need of Iran’s aids and support for the Palestinian nation and government, specially in removing the political and economic embargo imposed on Palestine, Director of the Political Office of the Palestinian Hamas Movement Khaled Mashal said here in Tehran on Tuesday. Speaking in a joint press conference, Mashal voiced pleasure in his visit to Iran, and said that the trip is a part of his tour of Arab and Islamic countries to brief friends about the Mecca Agreement and the subsequent measures needed in this regard.

He said exchange of views and consultations with the Islamic Republic officials sets another goal of his trip, adding, “We are proud of our ties with Iran.”

The official further praised Iran’s continued support for the Palestinian government and nation as well as Hamas movement, saying that Iran has already played an extensive role and participated in removing the inhumane siege on the Palestinian nation and establishing an international front in support of the national unity among Palestinian groups.

He lauded Iran’s outstanding role in siding with the Palestinian nation and cause ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, reminding that following the victory of Hamas in the last year parliamentary elections, the Islamic Republic also extended financial, political and spiritual supports to the Palestinian nation and government.

“Following the Mecca Agreement, we are still in need of Iran’s aids and support for the Palestinian nation and government in order for us to be able to end the economic and political siege of Palestine and in creating a regional and international interaction with Palestine’s national government and respect for the interests and demands of the Palestinian nation,” Khaled Mashal underlined.

Noting the Mecca Agreement between Hamas and other Palestinian groups, he said the accord aims to thwart conflicts among Palestinian groups and integrate Palestinians in order to pave the ground for the attainment of their national goals.

He expressed the hope that the Islamic Ummah (nation) become united against the enemies which endanger its existence and entity.

“The Palestinian government is insistent on the recognition of the Palestinian state within the June 4th 1967 borders and void of any Jewish settlement with the Holy Qods as its capital, with Palestinians’ full sovereignty and with the right of return for all Palestinians.

Asked if there is any possibility for the recognition of the Zionist regime of Israel by Hamas movement, Khaled Mashal stressed, “Hamas has a clear stance in this regard both prior and after the Mecca agreement.”

He emphasized that every word of the Mecca agreement is fully clear, saying that a reference to the said agreement would familiarize everyone with the stances of Hamas.

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